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Weekly vibe of 9 - 15th September

This week we have a strong theme for purity of intentions. When you set an intention to do something this week, you are invited to explore what are behind those intentions. The vibes this week is calling you into a higher purpose of existence to help you to propel forward even faster in your life. The reason why you might still feel stuck is that the hidden thought process behind an intention is disrupting your manifesting ability. You might set an intention to do something for someone to show them that you love them, BUT the hidden intention could be that you are taking this action or nice gesture toward someone to invest in them and the relationship so that they don’t abandon you.

So ultimately you show love but the hidden intention is to not lose this person’s love and there could be a fear of abandonment.  

The vibe this week is also opening up energetic gates that would help you to align the physical plane with the metaphysical through healing work. Healing work done this week will have a profound impact as we move into even more higher conscious states of mind. Remember that it’s not how much healing you do during this time, its the quality of the healing work that is important. Now is a good time to work on resistance, especially resistance to accepting your physical body. You body is the most important vessel that you have as without it you cannot fulfill your physical journey, now is a good time to clean out any blocks that you have to accepting your body.  

The more you can accept this part of you the easier it will be for your consciousness or soul to work through it and with it. We often associate organization with our outer world, but this month especially this week is also about organizing routines related to physical, mental and spiritual health that could help you to improve the connection between your physical and inner world.

Until next time be the light that you are.

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