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Weekly vibe of 23 - 29th December

Hi! Welcome to this week's weekly vibes forecast!

Firstly, merry Christmas! The vibe this week is truly awesome! Passion is in the air, so whatever you feel passionate about in life, this vibe is going to amplify that passion, so enjoy it, you will feel a great sense of empowerment in it as you will feel very connected to what you love to do and you will find yourself in a free flowing flow state.

This a good time to design, write, art and poetry is supported by this vibe! If you have been thinking about doing something for a while now, then now it the time to actually do it! This vibe supports action so wishful thinking is not going to get you as far as action this week!

Now, there could also be unexpected change of plans, encounters and exciting unplanned surprises so before you panic, see the positive in the changes first, as these are positive changes, your reaction can make at first make it seem negative.

The vibe this week also brings in karmic endings and new beginnings related to certain structures in your life, like old traditional patterns that no longer serve you will come to an end to open up the space in your life for something new, this is also meant to be there are no mistakes here, this vibe is going gently nudge you to where you need to be.

You might also find that everything old school and traditional will be tested through your new and upgraded lens of our spiritual growth. This vibe will continue to linger and stay around us and allow things to gently unfold over the next 6 months. These endings will also bring in new exciting ideas, downloads, unexpected news and encounters. You will feel like you are buzzing with new ideas and also with the new connections that continue to cross paths with you!

Not a bad way to end the year with! Happy new year to you too!

Until next year, be the light that you are!

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