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Psychosomatics for Children, Metaphysical Anatomy Volume 3, consisting of 678 pages, includes a step-by-step guide for identifying psychosomatic patterns relating to several hundred medical conditions. These conditions are activated by childhood trauma, birth, womb, conception, parents trauma, and inherited trauma of one’s ancestry. If you loved my first book Metaphysical Anatomy Volume 1, Psychosomatics for Adults, an 800-page book filled with hidden emotional stress messages in the body behind ailments and psychological disorders of adults. Then you're absolutely going to LOVE this book! This book is the equivalent! However, Volume 3 focuses on children and their ailments. Their triggers are very different from adults' as they have not had an entire life to experience secondary traumas to their inherited traumas. This book includes ailments from A – Z, including ancestral, conception, womb, and parents' trauma that can influence a child's biological development and expression. Ailments and psychological disorders are unresolved patterns of trauma cycles that are coming forward in this lifetime to be heard, acknowledged, and released.
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Psychosomatics for Children

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Psychosomatics for Adults

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