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Level 1 Teacher's Questions

What does the monthly fee include?


  • Receive ongoing support from Evette through live webinars, online training webinars to keep you up to date with new content and methods


  • Dedicated Mobile Phone App Support Group


  • Your Rapid Growth Level 1 Teacher Instructor Certification is valid for 1 year


  • You can renew your Rapid Growth Level 1 Teacher Instructor Certification without needing to attend another live refresher Rapid Growth Level 1 Teacher Instructor Certification event (many modalities require this, however, we are waving this - no renewal free. Receive access to a dedicated Level 1 Teacher Instructor site, with all your resources, documentation, webinar replays, and training.


  • Marketing on Facebook and the Metaphysical Anatomy Site


  • Live online visits from Evette (can be scheduled to assist you during your live or online events


  • Administrative, Whatsapp, and business guidance/support


  • You will receive a $100 USD royalty for each level 1 student that has taken the level 1 training with you who attends the Level 2 training with Evette Rose.

  • You will receive $50 from a Level 2 Teacher if your student attends their event.


  • There is a 10% per student enrolled into Level 1 training royalty fee toward Evette 


  • Monthly maintenance fee of $79 USD per month for all services above (given that there is no requirement for you to invest in another refresher course or recertification, no traveling needed per year, this a unique and affordable agreement!


  • You can cancel at any time!

Do I have to pay the monthly fees even when I am not teaching?

Yes, because of our support and dedication to you will always be there.

How long do I have before I have to sign the teacher contract?

You have one month, and once you have passed that mark, you will need to retake the instructor's course.

Can I teach the Level 1 Course Online?

Yes, absolutely! In your dedicated Level 1 Teacher Instructor Membership Site, you will have all training videos ready explaining how to teach online including a Zoom platform training AND how to host the actual online event via live recorded demonstration.

Can I cancel my Instructor's contract before the 1 yrs time period is over?

Yes, you can cancel at any time!

Do I get training material and resources when I become a teacher?

Yes, you will have access to everything you need to become a successful Level 1 Teacher Instructor. You will receive:

  • Teacher's manual

  • Teacher's syntax

  • Key slides for presentation (which you can modify)

  • Student contract templates

  • Legal and disclaimer templates

  • Resources for students to use during events (optional)

  • Website text suggestions

  • Online recorded training on how to teach online

  • How to set up your online teaching platform via Zoom (recorded)

  • Webinar replays from previously held webinars and questions answered

What fee can I charge per student for the event?

We have a standard fee of $495 per student per event (live or online)

Can I work with promoters?

Yes, absolutely. Please note the percentage agreement between you and the promoter is your decision.

Can I teach only in my area or country of residence?

We live in a free world and we encourage all our teachers to branch out of their comfort zone and to teach globally live and online

Can I charge for the level 1 event according to my countries income rate?

Yes you can :) Please just inform our admin support.

I am concerned to start teaching, what do I do?

We encourage you to connect with other fellow teachers who are teaching live and online, ask if you can assist them during the events to help you build your confidence.

You can also always co-teach with another teacher

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