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Weekly vibe of 9 - 15th December

Hi! Welcome to this week's weekly vibes forecast!

Early in the week it can be hard for motivation and focus, we can feel confused and make decisions based on wishful thinking or illusions. So if possible avoid important decisions during this time, wait just a little bit, there will be a vibe causing confusion around your mental focus and ability to make decisions, and I know, its’ like a spanner in the works, just as things started to pick up, it becomes slightly disrupted again, but this vibe will not last long, so just aware of this coming in. If you feel confused and in doubt, then pause and wait before making a big move.

We also have a vibe coming in that might cause you to feel a need for more security, stability, this might cause you to feel serious and ready to make decisions that have been hanging for far too long!

Then closer to the end of week we have a vibe that will not support careless communication, the last few days of the week is not a good time to resolve conflicts or say abruptly what’s on your mind especially if you know that it can cause tension, whereas in the past, words would not matter so much, this week they will have a deep and possible cutting edge to them, so be mindful of that.

This intense vibe does support new projects, goals and anything risky that you might want to jump into and try, so if you feel ready for it, experiment and see what comes back to you.

Until next time, be the light that you are!

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