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Weekly vibe of 2 - 8th December

Hi! Welcome to this week's weekly vibes forecast!

The vibe this week brings in clarity in terms of your personal growth, what will be even more clear is that your greatest hidden power will start to reveal itself and this new movement and change in your consciousness will also show you very clearly, what needs to be cut out from your life once and for all, no more negotiations, compromising too much, self-sacrifice and putting yourself second.

It is one thing to dream of being able to do a certain thing, but it is another wave of experience to actually feel that you can in fact do it. What you will also find is that self discipline is needed to maintain and hold this new surge of creative energy coming in, it is strong and will be calling you into self-discipline mode which might challenge you endurance levels, but it will be worth it, so if you stay focused and embrace this period that you have been waiting for, for so long then it will be worth it.

Just stay grounded during this time and keep things simple, because through simplicity you will find that self-discipline, self-control and endurance will be much easier.

Until next time, be the light that you are!

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