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Weekly vibe of 4 - 10th November

Hi! Welcome to this weeks weekly vibes forecast!

This week will briefly touch on a happy positive. There will be a open heart atmosphere around us and this will make space for us all to connect with one another without needing much words. It’s those moments when you can enjoy someone’s company in silence and still feel fulfilled.

There is also a generous vibe to this month where support is offered with sincerity and true need to create community. But then again, we have a disruptive influence coming shortly that will mostly ruine things slightly, we always have that one person that can ruin a good moment and the cosmic vibe is no different with it’s different personalities that can come and go. The reason why we have a slight disruption is to show to not always get lost in your heart centre and to remain practical in matters of business and issues that require more of an analytical approach.

I know it’s great to live in our heart centre but we also have different aspects of us that is needed during certain times. The same as we need fire to bring warmth and balance, we also need aspects of ourself to come out and play it’s role to create what we want, but of course, this also means with discernment.

Be mindful that if you have a short temper to not go overboard in the last part of the week. This week is calling you to connect more to your practical side while you can remain compassionate.

Until next time, be the light that you are!

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