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Weekly vibe of 28 October - 3rd November

Hi! Welcome to this weeks weekly vibes forecast!

The word rebel comes to mind when I think of this week. You might find yourself fighting traditions, old agreements and contracts, and this could be a result of the high positive vibes that you felt last week that clouded aspects of you that were resisting certain transitions or perhaps lifestyles of loved ones or professional partners that are now overlapping into your life.

It is important this week to have boundaries however also remember to respect your loved ones’s boundaries or boundaries of someone that you are professionally connected to. Which ever way this vibe shows up for you this week in your personal , business or even both aspects of your life, boundaries, discernment and a willingness to see both sides are extremely important to in order to keep communication channels open. Remember that communication is what makes this world go round. Keep your internal communication open, fluid and clear as this will ensure a clear expression of your perspective and lessen the chances of unnecessary confrontations. If your circumstances require you to express your opinion or boundaries then I would highly recommend that you wait until at least the 29th, as the collective vibe will be hot headed and you might get caught up in the intensity of it, provoking Words that do not need to be said.

Because of the vibe this week, these issues that come up can be related to finances so be mindful that it might trigger your survival strategies, just breath, and know you are in control or that you can gracefully take control back over the situation. This week will leave you with a deeper understanding of your deepest true values and desires.

Until next time, be the light that you are!

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