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Weekly vibe of 26th August to 1st September

Welcome to rapid growth weekly vibe!

The theme for this week is hidden frustration. You might feel frustrated with challenges however I invite you to change your perspective and rather ask yourself what in you is resisting change because the only reason why creative projects or relationships feel more challenging is because there’s an aspect of you that’s being called into action to perhaps Be more flexible in some aspect of your life so the vibe for this week is asking you to investigate your resistance to positive change and to perhaps explore what are your fears around this change? Ask yourself what is the best possible outcome if this change takes place in my life? 

Remember we are still surrounded by this passionate vibe this week so use this creative emotional, physical and mental energy constructively. Structure your goals clearly have clear set ideas layouts in place so that when you start to move into that creative mindset that there’s a nice easy flow set up for you already otherwise you will find yourself feeling one moment like your top of the world and you ready to take on these projects in the next day you might feel very low and almost despondent As the smallest obstacle can feel much bigger than what it is and you could lose enthusiasm fast so the key points for this week is to be clear on your structure even if you have a clear structure for the day that’s perfect at least have steps and small goals to achieve for the day.

You will have opportunities to be social be part of communities enjoy this connect network you never know who you will cross paths with always be open for new opportunities new people to come into your life of course with discernment however this is a really good time to network listen to peoples ideas and be open to constructive feedback from people as this could also be a big breakthrough for you the more open and mentally flexible you allow yourself to be with outside information as this will give you a different perspective on your circumstances .

Until next time, be the light that you are.

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