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Weekly vibe of 25 November - 1st December

Hi! Welcome to this week's weekly vibes forecast!

The vibe this week is inviting you to assess whether you are still working towards creating more freedom in your life or have become comfortable feeling uncomfortable in your routine?

If you are struggling with underlying irritation and frustration, then this is why. There is a need for more freedom and playroom in your life and you might want to consider fun and creative ways to break the routine of how you created freedom for yourself in the past as this has now become a bit mundane for you and something new is needed and the vibe this week is holding that space for you to do just exactly that. But while you are also focusing on creating more freedom, also focus on setting longer term goals for yourself to work toward.

Besides this, there a peaceful vibe this week that is starting to come in, we are feeling more content, relaxed and then the more you let go of being overly controlling the more this vibe is going to shower you with positive surprises, so whether is lacking in your life might start to fill up more in positive ways.

Until next time, be the light that you are!

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