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Weekly vibe of 19th - 25th August

Welcome to rapid growth weekly vibe of the 19 - 25th august

So this week is mindfulness week in the sense of not overindulging too much in distractions, especially if you have not been tapping into the creative vibe that has been opening up. This is especially true if you’ve had issues in your life that you have been avoiding such as unresolved relationship dynamics unresolved karmic ties whether it’s personal or professional especially with a lot of emphasis on old bad habits old limiting belief systems that’s causing you to lose energy now is a very good time to bring this to completion and embrace the new aspect of your identity that wants to live without these limitations it’s time to embrace that. 

The vibe of this week is calling you into your power you could see yourself as a caterpillar that is now ready to transform you’ve been in your cocoon for a while now and you’ve picked out you had you’ve picked out your toe now it’s time to gently start to stretch a little bit more to see what’s not allowing you to really fully stretched out comfortably in your life and start to take small steps to change these inconvenient blocks.

Stay focused, have fun with the vibes that are dancing around you!

Until next time, be the light that you are.

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