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Weekly vibe of 16 - 22nd September

Now that you have gone through this opening and organizing vibe you might start or have already started to become aware of a how your life has changed. It’s one thing to feel it but it’s another experience to actually see it and then feel the full reality of that sinking in, you know like that feeling of wow, i see it now, i feel it now, that is what is in store for this week.

Now there is a possibility of some of you feeling that you have accepted these changes, however you don’t fully feel grounded and anchored in it quite yet. If this is you, then it’s ok, we all integrate new changes in different ways and different time frames, just let it be and take it’s course. You will find your inner and outer stability again much sooner than you anticipate. The only reason why it could feel intense is if you are trying to control something that you are not sure of how to control, it will only cause unnecessary panic. This is especially true if you start to see projects and goals that you started in March this year turning into a reality. Sometimes when we get what we want we are not always fully prepared for it even though we think we are!

Are certain new movements in your life calling you into action which is causing you to see your circumstances from a different perspective perhaps?

You might also find yourself in a place where something is unfolding for you and it could still be goals and projects that started to unfold last month continuing into this month, however with these developments it opens up a new emotional pandora box for you, not in a bad way necessarily! Remember that the more time you invest in organizing your inner world the more benefits you will reap from this weeks vibe!

Until next time, be the light that you are!

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