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Weekly vibe of 14 - 20th October

Hi! Welcome to this weeks weekly vibes forecast!

This week brings a blast from the past vibe with it and you could start to see results from ideas that you initiated in April this year so there are some lucky opportunities and you actually earned them with your own effort this should also be a confidence boost for you, trusting your judgment paid off. Exhale, relax and enjoy this release of nervous energy as you might be feeling like there is a heavy blanket on top you, you only are only feel the residues of challenges that you have faced and didn’t deal with the emotional consequences of that.

So any, perspective is creeping in here, if you feel burdened ask yourself is it really related to whats happening now in your life or are your current circumstances only triggering old suppressed stress related to recent challenges that you faced?

This weeks vibe is also asking you to let go of strategies and ideas that didn’t work for you. You might also now clearly see that you have outgrown old approaches and it no longer serves your goal toward success. It will be worth it to release this stress and more importantly do it consciously, otherwise circumstances might surface that will push you even harder to make the final break in these patterns. This vibe truly has a good intention for you and you are invited to have faith in the process. Trust that it is for your highest and best.

Until next time, be the light that you are!

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