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Weekly vibe of 11 - 17th November

Hi! Welcome to this week's weekly vibes forecast!

This week we have a full moon! So the energy will be high again and that also means that thoughts, ideas and emotions can run high, remember the impact from the practical vibe we had last week and tap in that when you feel are becoming more ungrounded this week with the full moon.

Be mindful of your loved ones needs this week as well, as you might have found yourself in your own world with everything that has been going in your life. Spread compassion and understanding to those around you that are facing challenges, we all are doing our best and not everyone is designed to deal with high amounts of stress.

There seems to be a scarcity vibe closer to the end of the week so be mindful of this. If you find yourself caught up in this state, then evaluate your circumstances and see if what you feel really true and if it will still be a standing problem in 6 months time to asses whether you are perhaps reacting to something from the past or if your gut reaction is truly valid. We tend to react and make decisions based on past fears so our discernment is not always as clear as we need it to be.

Be mindful as well that tempers that high at this time could be quite vindictive and people’s darker side can come out when they have been wrongfully treated. Keep a level head and try to stay as practical as possible as simplicity is going to make this vibe much easier to ride out. The reason why this could be also such a strong influence coming is that everyone still start to see their hard work paying off even more, especially projects or goals that were set in motion in the beginning of the year, so don’t overcompensate by trying to protect something that can not be taken away from you. Be creative and use this rise in the vibe to your advantage and channel and transform the heaviness into something more constructive in terms of activities.

Until next time, be the light that you are!

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