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Weekly Vibe 5th - 11th August 2019

Updated: Aug 30, 2019

Hi and welcome to this week's weekly vibes forecast! I have to say that I am feeling more positive about this month and especially this week. For those of you who are entrepreneurs, this is a good a week to brainstorm ideas, goals that you want to implement and to get into the nitty-gritty details of events that you want to bring together! If you are not self-employed, this is, of course, still a good week for you to swing personal projects around in a positive way. Say you are in charge of a home project or party arrangements of a friend then this a great week to tap into the collective vibe of mental creativity and to ride this awesome wave!

What’s important for this week though is to be playful! Have fun with making plans, if you hit a wall then take a deep breath as another solution will mostly be right under your nose. This week you get a sudden boost in support relating to your goals. If you feel you still lack support, then re-evaluate perhaps how you are communicating this need.

Be mindful that you are not asking for help and then trying to make excuses and come up with reasons why you need help. Just gracefully and confidently say what you need to say and then zip it! 

This month is also holding an energetic vibe for passion. Whatever it is that you feel passionate about you will find yourself making more time investing more energy into these projects and talents that you have. ?This is also a time where you might actually discover that you have new talents and you will feel a renewed sense of energy sweeping in giving you direction and more clarity as to what you can do with this new passion that has awakened within you.

Your intuition is also a lot more refined, and in tune with your higher purpose, you will find that making decisions is smoother and you feel that you are more able to trust yourself. 

So money matters this week also seem to have a positive breakthrough, we are in an abundant financial vibe! The reason why I say financial is that we have many different definitions for abundance, so some of us feel an abundance in love, friendships, goals being achieved, or in a more general perspective, money! So whatever you would consider as abundance, you might feel a more fluid flow in that aspect in your life, a sense of balanced satisfaction. 

If you are in a relationship, then your relationship might get a nice loving boost in the right direction, allow it, receive it, welcome it! If you are unhappy with your partner, then let this gentle vibe help to sooth things that have been upsetting you.

If you are single, then this is a good time for new love to come into your life! Stay grounded with this one as this might work out long term if that is what you are looking for! Pace the energy and ease into getting to know each other.

So the key takeaways from these new vibes coming in are stay grounded, get down to work, and ride this creative wave that is swooping. Be loving and receive the love that is being shown to you! There is no need for defensiveness this week.

Until next time, be the light that you are.

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