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Weekly Vibe 28 July to 3 August 2019

We are done with intense July! You might have seen people leave your life or you were the one who ended ties that were no longer serving your vision and goals which you seem to be stepping into with more confidence. You might also be feeling a sense of relief in your life, sensing specific negative energies that weighed you down are no longer present. Felt any sense of lightness and a smile that sometimes want to express itself for no reason? Your body and mind are enjoying a sense of freedom and expansion!

You might feel a deep desire to be more playful after this substantial period from July. The collective consciousness has detoxed itself from many limiting habits, and you got swooped up by it. This process will continue to unfold in a new way during this first week of August. Take a deep breath though, as there will not be a repeat of July!

You might already be feeling the building up of the next phase of collective conscious detox unveiling itself. Breath through it, as you are shedding old skin. Aspects of this old skin that will be shedding itself are related to feeling controlled and told who you are supposed to be. You will start to find your power more within yourself, and instead of being someone that was looking for guidance outside of yourself, you will feel more trusting and confident to go within yourself and to tap into your strengths. The theme of this week is ‘love your strengths as they make you who you are.’ The love that you feel for others now needs to be directed more towards you.

With love

Evette Rose

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