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Weekly Vibe 22 - 28 July

Calmness is the theme! Now that we got past the last intense three weeks, we can breathe with ease. Now that we have the contract and the opposite of stressful upheavals life will feel much smoother and positive.

There is almost an optimistic vibe around us. Now that flaws were detected plans can be renewed now with confidence.

Now is an excellent time to connect back to your dreams, especially if the recent eclipse severed relationships or friendships. Now is the time to revaluate your plans and goals. You might notice that some ideas and projects were made with anger, fear, or desperation. This mindset that you might have had is now history, and you feel clear and ready to see the errors in your past decisions. You might have been in this state of mind already, but now you really can see it in your life, friendships, and relationships. Even if you feel that you have lost something during these three weeks, the loss is felt as a result of emotional attachment. If you are feeling this vibe quite intensely, then now is the time to observe how you can emotionally give back to yourself to bring emotional stability back into your life.

You are exactly where you need to be! Trust and take in the calmness after the storm.

Much love

Evette Rose

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