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Weekly Vibe 15 - 21 July

Updated: Jul 13, 2019

Hi! I am excited to share the week's vibe for 15th - 21st July with you!

It's been super intense so far with Mercury retrograde sweeping out all your cobwebs. Anything that has been left unspoken would have been or might still come to the surface! Be mindful of this week as unresolved conflicts that you have had in the past need to need your attention but doing it this week is not a good idea! Especially if you are hot-headed and have a short temper and you are not one hundred percent sure what it is that you want to say :) You are moving out of this hot period and mostly starting to feel the relieve of it. The general atmosphere is starting to feel more positive and almost as if though there is a lightness to it. Keep in mind we are still moving out of this volatile time and everyone's nervous system might still have a knee jerk.

A calm conversation could explode very fast as the energy is still heightened and supercharged to help you to speak up about things that have been bugging you. Take a deep breath and only speak up when you feel clear about what you want to say. Ask yourself what the message that I need to convey is. Pretend that you are the person with whom you want to have a conversation. Repeat what you want to say back to yourself and see how you receive your message by pretending to be the other person. Did you get your point across clearly? If not, then rethink how you want to express yourself this week. It's been an emotionally vulnerable month for everyone, and when emotions run high, we tend to overact. The good news is that the end is in sight and I mean this in a positive way :)

Only speak up if it's essential or if you have a gentle way of expressing issues that have been on your mind. This week does bring a positive light shift!

Most of you felt this intensity last week, but we seem to be in for another clean-up! Be mindful that during this period when the energy is so high it's very likely that you will feel the emotions of people that are close to you very strong as well. Keep this in mind when you think the intensity is overwhelming. Close your eyes and ask is this my emotion before you react as well.

Solutions will come forward, but only if you are clear about the outcome that you want from the issue at hand. What is essential from this entire week is that YOU also feel satisfied with the solution.

Be careful that you don't overcompensate by accepting just any solution for the sake of peace.

Until next week, be the light that you are!

With love

Evette Rose

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