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Weekly Vibe 12th - 18th August 2019

Welcome to rapid growth weekly vibe of the 12 - 18th august

This week bringing vibes that open up doors for you to see the positive outcome of projects, goals and desires that you set in motion in earlier this year. You might find yourself feeling satisfied with what you started a few months back. Most of us have a mindset that when we start something we hope for the best, if this is you then this week there is a good chance that you could see your projects, desires and goals from February coming together! The collective vibe is now falling into alignment and a sense of readiness to receive these benefits.

There is a playful vibe sneaking in amongst all this goal and professional focus. Take your hat off, take a moment to breath, have fun, unwind, sit back and appreciate the things in your life that has come together beautifully! Shake off residues of stress that could be sabotaging your your ability to take in positive aspects of your life. Take advantage of this vibe that is filled with positive reflection and self-observation.

Take note mid week to stay grounded as there might be a minor emotional spike! So be aware of your thoughts and feelings because if they are negative then it could feel worse than what it exactly is, so also think before you speak in this moment. Ask yourself - is what I have to say constructive or destructive? Collectively we are in good positive momentum toward creating more success for ourselves personally or in the area of your life that matters most to you, any unnecessary outbursts could burn very important bridges between you and people who’s love and support you might need. If you find yourself mid week on the receiving end of someone else’s outburst because of the quick spike then take a deep breath as this reaction might showing something that has been bothering this person. So instead of seeing a problem, look for a positive solution. Because this might also create a reaction and you where you feel the need to express build up frustrations that you have not expressed now is not the time instead find more constructive ways and choose your timing went to bring up certain issues if nothing needs to be said that is if value then it’s best to stay grounded.

Until next time, be the light that you are!

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