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September Month Forecast 2019

Hi and welcome to rapid growth monthly vibe for September! The theme for this month is harvesting and organizing! Quite literally speaking in agriculture and metaphorically speaking  for al the projects we initiated since the beginning of the year. In August you might have seen glimpses of this harvesting period that already started however that was only glimpses, with the energy of this month you will start to see more satisfying proof of what you have developed over the course of this year for yourself. 

You might feel conflicted with a part of you that wants to be more of a hermit and the other part of you will want to be creative and also enjoy the benefits of your goals and projects.

Aspects in your life that has been disorganized or not fully taken care of in the way that they need to be taken care might start to creep up on you and become more dominant themes in your daily life if this happens then take the plunge wrap it up and let’s move on with life. You will be happy that you did it. 

There is a vibe of honesty also sweeping in this month. Aspects of your life that you perhaps have not been honest with yourself and you pulled the wool over your own eyes might drop away soon. See yourself and your life for what it is and how you have contributed to it, as the hermit part in you will start to surface when the veil that was in front of you drops. Be mindful that you don’t hide through fatigue or isolating yourself. What you finally will start to see about you and your life might actually not be as bad as you think! If anything, you might be pleasantly surprised that you have done much better than you realize and it was their veil that was hanging over your eyes that created the negative false illusion. So, you see, seeing things for what they are, are not always a bad thing! If it happens to be the case that you don’t like what you see, you will find yourself a much more grounded, clearer minded state to deal with it and create steps to start making changes. Be mindful of waves of anger that might come and go as you go through these realizations. Know as of today that you don’t need that anger to make changes, you don’t need anger to feel strong and assert boundaries where necessary in your life. If any thing, the change that is needed is that you finally see that you are worthy of positive change. You don’t have to fight for it. I repeat, you don't have to fight for it. Save your energy.

This month is also down to Earth time of being practical, prudent, thinking long-term as well. Think of what is sustainable in my life and what is not? What is worth your effort in the long run? 

Time to roll up our sleeves, open our accounting books and go through the nitty-gritty with a thin tooth comb, face reality and make some mature adult and healthy decisions for highest and best of everyone involved.   Luck is where opportunity meets preparation, so let’s focus on the preparation part for now and build some solid foundations as you move through the month you will see which aspects need to be solidified and re-evaluated. This month is not a risk taking month though, the vibes are more aligned to help you to see what needs to be corrected, taken away or added in order for you to enjoy even more of future harvests coming in!

Until next time, be the light that you are.

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