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October Month Forecast 2019

Welcome to rapid growth monthly vibe for October 2019

This is an interesting month filled with many different vibes that will come and go. So the important message is to pay attention to how you feel as you will more than likely find yourself moving through pretty much all of the energetic phases for this month.

Let’s start the with the not so comfortable part first. There is a vibe this month that will require you to be brutally honest with yourself. You might find that you made some decisions in the past few weeks that seemed good at the time and they probably were however you might have missed one small aspect that has now become problematic. Take a deep breath if that is you, as you will find a solution for this issue. There is a strong chance that you might feel challenged to find solutions and that is only because you will feel held back this month. You might find delays in projects that are very important to you and because of your reaction to these challenges you might up creating more problems than what there actually is or would have been if you just remained more centered. The Buddha mindset would be super helpful this month!

Be mindful of frustrations and possible anger, as your heightened emotions might be misdirected at innocent loved ones. If anything use the energy of frustration and turn it into constructive energy, tackle projects that you have been sabotaging, neglecting or just didn’t have the energy for. This is a positive way to utilize the adrenaline that stems from your frustrations. Or, even better yet you can start to go to the gym and participate in physical activities to help your nervous system to and stress hormones to release their stress cycles and gently reset themselves again.

Connection this month is also important, especially with yourself. Connect to and acknowledge your deepest emotions and through this transformation you will gain access to hidden inner resources, that inner voice that sometimes surfaces when you need it most. Now is a good time to really make an effort to create regular quiet time for yourself and tap into that wise inner voice. At the same time you are still in the process of receiving what you earned in previous months and you might find yourself even initiating new beginnings on many fronts in your life. You might even surprise yourself by starting projects that you never thought you would be interested in. The more your invest your time and energy on projects that you love the more energy you will feel you have, and as a result? Your energy levels open up and you find yourself more enthusiastic when you are presented with new ideas and concepts.

Whats frustrating about the conflicting vibes this month is that you will feel aspects within you opening up and as they open up you might also face obstacles that are unrelated to what you have been doing and creating.

So what we planned could be restricted and delayed, we could feel emotional and stubborn in relationships and our nervous system can become more sensitive and your emotions might run high so be mindful of possible bursts, the consequences are not worth it, especially with the current vibes bringing dynamics and relationships back into alignment. It’s a short period, so keep calm, release and process emotions and do your best to focus on what is most important for you.

Be mindful that you don’t invest all of your energy with frustrations related to current projects and miss the positive sparks of possible new ideas coming as well.

So on one hand more energy within you is freeing up and at the same time don’t invest it in challenges that you eventually will find a solutions to.

This challenging vibe is going to call you into your authenticity. In order to great more success in your life this vibe is also asking you to let go of the blame game and tap into your emotional intelligence, which is that part of you that just knows when something for you is right or wrong. You might feel messages or sensations in your heart and gut area. this is your emotional intelligence coming forward. Take a moment and embrace it as you might just find a mentor within yourself.

After a few ups and downs this month there is still a beautiful vibe coming through that wants you and your loved one or close friends to connect even more. The connection that you long for can be fulfilled later in this month as you start to realize and see how much you wanted a certain type of connection with someone however your fears stopped you dead in your tracks. This vibe is going to help you to release those fears that you can open up more to this beautiful connection that is unfolding for you. Do join me for the weekly vibes as well where i will go into more detail each week!

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