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November Month Forecast 2019

Welcome to rapid growth monthly vibe for November 2019

This month we start with a happy, positive vibe and then we might face a slight disruption just as we star to have fun we will have a vibe coming in asking us to also be practical and stay grounded when making important decisions. There is vibe of global cooperation, community and togetherness. But then the vibe of success will also streaming in to this month strongly, so decisions made early to mid month should be done with clear and thorough agreements, communication and mutual understanding as things can get a bit heated escalate faster than what we anticipated.

The vibe this month will also encourage you to plan better and plan more ahead, however it is during this time that you should stay grounded as your an get carried away with the excitement and even competitiveness in this vibe. This vibe is a good one to tap into to create successful projects, but balance out the excitement as well because along with this successful vibe there is a vibe of resentment and vengeance flowing in and out of this month, so do the right thing by others and yourself as well, otherwise you just might find yourself stepping into a vipers nest if you overstep boundaries.

As cool and calm as the vibe might be, it also can become very explosive and volition very fast. So if you like peace then have this awareness, but if you need the occasional drama with a slap in the face (figuratively speaking .... well ... it depends how much you mess up though lol.... then go ahead. Overall it’s a good and productive month if you use your energy and these vibes coming in wisely.

The last part of the month also brings in more of a loving vibe, so if you need to make amends with someone then this will be a good week for that. Not too many words are needed as long as they are heartfelt and sincere words you can start a deep and much needed healing process between you and someone else. Love is strongly supported by the vibe in the part, so enjoy it.

Do join me for the weekly vibes as well where i will go into more detail each week!

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