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August 2019 Monthly Vibe

Welcome to rapid growth vibes for August! Wow! How do you feel after last month? 

I must say that I am enjoying feeling the lightness in my body, but my mind is still adapting to the changes that have taken place! I also love the feeling of newness and changes that have taken place. I can see now is that some of my long standing old habits were sabotaging new things coming into my life that I have been asking for, for many years. 

So this month we will be feeling new beginnings, relationships, and money Vibes!

You will find that relationships might take priority early in the month, as that part of you that started to tap into your relationship with yourself would have created a new vibe around you and also what you attract. That means that your needs from a partner or partnership dynamics might have changed and you are now looking for positive and creative ways to communicate this especially if you decided that you want your freedom back in one way or another, this could be in your professional relationships or personal. You might also find yourself reviewing agreements that were made especially now that the peak vibe or fluctuating emotions have calmed down, you can see things more clearly, however, do not be deceived by the clarity that you think you are feeling, be mindful of not making rash decisions as you might regret it later on. More time is needed for events to calm down from last month. 

Professionally speaking, you might start to feel stronger glimpses of enthusiasm about new projects or projects you have been working on and feeling a new sense of motivation to push things forward, You might also realize that what you have been trying to push forward is not as in alignment with you as you once thought. If that is the case, then take a step back re-evaluate and ask the questions, why? Why did you start this project in the first place? Was it for a professional or personal reason? If it was personal, then you might have learned from the experience needed, and as a result, your attraction to the project has faded and lost its momentum.

Another important note to take here is to invest more time into goals, whether personal or professional, especially ones that you brainstormed or started in February this year. This month is also a time of the year for love, attraction, creativity, beauty attracting financial opportunities. To get the best of this transit - be sociable, plan your time for creative self-expression or spending a pleasurable fun time. Don’t miss the opportunity, and if you don’t channel this energy proactively, it will be wasted in food indulgences or partying. Stay in alignment with your desires and know that you deserve to receive the same quality that you give. It’s time to open the door as receiving is knocking.

Some fated opportunities or idea downloads related to work projects, health, and healing, may appear unexpectedly on your doorstep. Receive with gratitude and initiate the new beginning that is your higher self guiding towards. You will feel much more connected to your intuition and you will feel a sense of ease in trusting your judgment and making decisions will also come a lot more easier to you enjoy the flow of this and allow yourself to get to know what your judgment and your intuition feel like versus what a fear feels like.

So in short, there seem to be no big challenges this month other than the risk of overindulgence and a small caution in relation to communication devices, internet connection issues, so if you have anything important scheduled that involves communication electronics and internet vibes, at least have a back and have peace of mind!

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