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Thank you for booking your MA session please join me in this Welcome Video!

Please read and sign your client consent form

Questions to Answer Before our Session

1. What would you like to address during the session (the number of your issues needs to be realistic in terms of the amount of time that you booked with me.

2. What do you feel is your biggest block?

2.1 When did it start?

2.2 Why do you feel you are still holding onto this trauma / pattern / way of life?


3. Who in your family line has the same patterns / habits / emotional trauma?

Frequently Asked Questions


What should I know before booking a session?


MA consultations are NOT a replacement therapy for any professional therapy that you may be undergoing. MA is a compliment to your already existing health program. Treatment of psychological disorders requiring a licensed professional I can discuss the emotional explanations for such conditions but is unable to diagnose, prescribe, treat, or cure any illnesses that require medical or psychiatric attention.


Do you do energy work and healings?

The MA technique is an energy healing, that gently releases trauma along with an acknowledgement structure to bring about profound changes mentally and emotionally.


Coherent Acknowledgement

The MA process involves what I call coherent acknowledgments. It’s way of switching a survival instinct (like flight or fight mode) on or off in yourself or another person – instantly and shifts stagnant traumas quickly. What normally takes hours of regression or psychotherapy can be achieved in about five seconds. This is the key tool that created MA.


Can you do a session via Skype?



Will a phone session influence the quality of my session with a practitioner?

No, the results are the same as when you do an in-person session.


Can you resolve my entire childhood trauma?

The answer to this question will depend on the severity of your childhood. Normally I asses what the traumas were and then I can give you a clearer answer and what I feel is reasonable expectations.


Can I record my session?

I always discourage clients from recording their sessions. When you have resolved a part of you past then it’s in the past where it should be. It should only be a memory and the less reminders you have the better your progress will be. Do you really need another reminder of what your childhood or trauma was like and how you felt? You want to move forward, not stay in the past. Let it go!!


Will a MA consultation influence or challenge my religion?

The short answer is no. The MA process is a verbal therapy.  Whether or not you believe in God doesn’t change the effectiveness of your aspirin tablet, or how painlessly your dentist can fix a broken tooth. It doesn’t influence how quickly the mechanic can fix your car. Place MA in that same category – useful, effective tools that work without pre-supposing spirituality or challenging people’s beliefs in any way. There is no reason why it would conflict with any religious views.


How many sessions do I need to feel results?

This is something of a “how long is a piece of string question!” I can only give the most general guide here. One of the biggest advantages of MA is that people respond very quickly to just a few sessions. I can guarantee that you will feel a shift and considerable difference in your emotional state after one session, as well as see results in the following days. In my experience, clients wishing to resolve an emotional issue often require only one session. However a follow up session may be required – usually a week or fortnight after the first.


What about physical problems?

I believe that most physical problems are related to unresolved trauma often due to emotional stress. There are cases where physical problems can be genetic or due to an accident. In the case of an accident the focus would be how the client felt before and after the accident. The emotional complexity of a condition often bears no resemblance to how serious it is from a medical perspective. For instance cancer is frequently attributed to an emotional shock and often responds quickly to one treatment. By comparison an old back injury may have complex emotions associated with it and might require several sessions. It is very rare that a condition requires more than 3 or 4 sessions. When you book a consultation, I will do my best to provide you with a realistic estimate of what will be involved and whether I feel would be able to assist you. However please understand that everyone is different and I can’t guarantee what physical results you will experience. Many people experience instant results from MA. Emotional changes are felt instantly. You can expect physical pain levels to change instantly but acute conditions may require more time. Even if 3 or 4 sessions are required in total you should expect to feel different and positive improvements from the first session onwards.


Are there any side effects after a session?

There are no side effects of a MA session.  MA does not cause a “healing crisis.” There is no reason why symptoms or feelings should get worse before they get better. For some reason most other alternative therapies suggest that these side effects are necessary in order to detoxify the body. If you are interested in researching this you can read “Understanding the Healing Crisis” by Ginger Chalford, Ph.D.


Is it OK to see my naturopath / chiro / healer as well as do MA sessions?

MA complementary in nature; it does not interfere with any medical or alternative healing therapies.


What can I expect after my MA session?

After the session you often move into a gentle flow state, this state will make you feel that you are in flow with life and everyone around you. This state is in most cases temporary and will wear off in a few days time. You will feel more calm and neutral afterwards. After a few days, your new state will start to become more evident and noticeable and 80% of the trauma that was addressed during the session will in most cases have subsided.


It often takes the Computation Neurons at least 7 – 21 days to reprogram themselves. Trauma and instinctive reactions affects your thoughts and how you feel and these thoughts and feelings are programmed in the neurons as we mature. When we release trauma during a MA process trauma that have been ‘feeding’ and building the foundation of your Computation Neurons will change. This means that the trauma and old emotional patterns and thoughts that were being ‘fed’ by the resolved trauma are no longer being ‘fed.’ This means that the Computation Neurons will be reprogrammed with new positive thoughts and emotions that were once suppressed by old trauma. This process can often take up to 7 – 21 days to completely integrate. Even though the trauma has been instantly resolved, often the Computation Neurons can still be programmed with the negative thoughts and emotions. Which means that you can experience old memories of the resolved trauma, however not necessarily feel and emotionally identify with it. You may experience this more on a head level rather than on an emotional level. This will subside as the Computation Neurons reprogram themselves. This is a very gentle and subtle integration. You might even find yourself feeling unsure about what you worked on during the session in the first place. Clients describe their emotional state after a MA session as calm and neutral. You will also experience what I call a flow state, this state wears off after a days, it’s only there to help you integrate the changes and your new emotional state after trauma is resolved.


I booked a session and feel scared to go through with it. What should I do?

It’s quite normal to feel a little unsure or scared before a session. We all have a fear of reliving our past or feeling emotions that we do not want to feel. This will not happen during a MA session. I do not regress my clients to relive anything in their past. Sometimes we fear who we might become when we don’t have our baggage anymore. If you really sit quietly with your fears then you might notice that it’s a nervous excitement and not necessarily a bad thing.


How can I prepare for my session?

You should complete the Client Information Sheet that will be sent to you after confirmation a date and time with me. The information that you provide in that sheet will assist me in understanding what your concerns and goals are so that I can facilitate your session in a sufficient and quick way. The more information I have the more time we save talking about it during the actual session. It is important that your expectations are realistic, not just for me but on yourself and your own progress as well.


Do I have to talk about my trauma?

You do not have to talk about your trauma. It is important though that we discuss your emotions and how you feel. You do not need to go into the history of your past. The Client Information Sheet that my clients fill out also helps to eliminate this. If you do wish to talk about your past and to let it out, then please do not hesitate, I are here to support and facilitate your personal development journey. I will never push or force you to resolve or let go of anything that you do not want to change, I will however encourage you when you start to sabotage the session. We will move at a pace that feels comfortable and safe for you.


How long do I have to wait for session?

This will depend on my availability. Normally it may take 1 – 2 weeks.


How can I resolve multiple traumas on my own?

We do not encourage people to try this on themselves. I (Evette) know from my own personal experience that it is always better to have someone to guide and support you. It is easier to deflect or sabotage your progress, as there is no one to support you in resolving the trauma. When we don’t have support, it’s easier to give up and once again suppress the trauma and continue sabotaging our progress.


Cancelling My Session

If you need to cancel your session, then you need to do so 24 hrs before the session, you can then move your appointment time to another time slot. Please note that once you booked a session you have a 3 day cooling off period, after 72 hours no refunds will be made. Also once a session has been completed no refunds will be made either. Don't worry about this too much either as we will have a great time and powerful transformations!


What does Evette do during the session?

I gently guide you through a gentle process to resolve your blocks and past traumas that are sabotaging you from making progress in a general or specific area in your life.





NOTE: MA Sessions, Discovery Sessions, Online products are non refundable., you can however transfer your session to a friend or family member. Don't worry about this too much either as we will have a great time and powerful transformations!

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