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What is the difference between a Metaphysical Anatomy States Packages and a Metaphysical Anatomy Consultation?

A MA consultation is when we target and resolve specific block / pattern / issue that you are struggling with. A MA State is when we recover a natural state that you are born with, however this state is often blocked by conception, womb and birth trauma and even often trauma that we experience during our childhood or adulthood life. Let’s start by defining what an emotional state is, in this context. A state can either be positive, such as happiness or negative, such as depression. We are always trying to access positive states in life by engaging in activities such as drinking or participating in sports activities (running for example). Everybody knows unconsciously that there is a memory of these positive states that they sometimes feel momentarily. We lose these states during our developmental events (e.g. trauma) where trauma blocks a person from experiencing certain states. As a result, we only experience momentary glimpses of these states. These states often come to the surface involuntarily or when we engage in certain activities. When these states are temporarily recovered while we engage in certain activities such as running for example, we associate this activity with the positive state that we experience. We keep repeating these activities with the intention of continually accessing these states. However, the states that we achieve and feel are only temporary, as any trauma that is blocking them, has not been resolved.


How can you maintain these states that you only seem to catch glimpses of? The answer is simple. You need to resolve the specific traumas that took place at particular developmental events in order to recover your natural states.


How does it work?

We gently heal certain specific womb and birth events along with a combination of powerful affirmations and meditations to help recover these states and resolve the trauma points. We also resolve certain trauma points in your ancestry line. When we do our work there is no linear time; we work on the past, present and future simultaneously. It is all happening at the same time, which means that the healing is very deep and thorough.


Will the states work improve my quality of life and if so, how will it improve?

The first thing that your natural states do is they help you to manage your emotions. When you can manage your emotions, you can make better decisions. You are no longer expressing yourself from a state of activated trauma nor are you projecting your issues at others. You don’t waste your energy on issues when they are activated, as they are not activated strongly, if they are even activated at all. We all have associations with our environment and people. Often these associations are negative so as a result you may feel activated on a regular basis. When your natural states are recovered, you will find it much easier to maintain your emotional coherence, which means you will be less activated by your environment and people around you.

How long will the states last once recovered?

All the states are permanent and you only do the process once. You only recover these natural states once; you are not programming yourself, you are simply recovering natural emotional states that are blocked by trauma. Even if you experience trauma again in your life, you will not lose your state. When trauma is experienced, you still have your state in the background. However, because you are traumatized or angry, your awareness may momentarily shift to the circumstances that caused you to lose your state.  This is only temporary and you will regain your natural state once again.


*Please note that states are not programs. In MA States, we are recovering natural states that you already had before you were born, however they are blocked by trauma. Once the trauma is resolved at specific points in your biology, it stays cleared and your state is always active. *


What happens after my states have been recovered?

After the states work processes, your life will change significantly. As a result of the changes, you may feel uneasy, have a fear of change or feel a slight desire to sabotage things that are changing in your life. This is because you are unconsciously trying to stop the new changes from taking place. If you don’t make the actual changes in your life that your new states are encouraging you to make, then you can experience slight resistance, however this is only temporary. You may also experience fever like symptoms for example, as the body is trying to detox as well.  You may temporarily feel sad, depressed or anxious as old patterns in your life are coming to an end in order that you can freely move forward. This is rare though and nothing too big that a quick distant healing can’t fix.


The states will also change your identity (in a very good way!) It changes your identity and you will find that you will reinvent yourself in a way that resonates with your highest potential. You will start to see and experience the world differently. You might even feel that you don’t belong here—this is the challenging part. There is nothing wrong with this, you just need to adjust and see this as a new opportunity to change things about yourself and your life that no longer serve you. If you actively repeat the old patterns, this might cause emotional conflict. You need to be clear and decide that you want to change and you want a new lease on life before taking this step.  The challenge is not holding the state; it is being dedicated to accepting and allowing new changes to come into your life.


Possible side effects after states work

After the states work sometimes, clients might experience new abilities and skills that may open and come to the surface. For example, their psychic abilities might be heightened. They might be more effective in their life (more than what they feel ready for). They might feel more sensitive toward their environment. There is also a possibility that this work might heighten your sixth sense and this could be a stressful or a wonderful experience. A private consultation will be made available to help you integrate the changes.


*If you are not ready for big changes then this work is not for you*

Rapid Growth MAT Level 1 & 2 Events

How do I gain access to Level 1 Online Course? 


Once you have purchased the Level 1 & 2 package you will receive an email with your unique login details to access the course and you can start your journey straight away.


How long is the Level 1 Online Course? 


The Level 1 Course is about 6 hours long. You can complete the course at your own pace (as long as you complete before attending the Level 2 Live Event. You can complete the course at a pace that is comfortable for you. You can watch the recorded webinars that Evette hosted for online students to support them throughout their journey. There are no exams at the end of the course. 


Do I have to attend a Live Level 1 Event to attend the Live Level 2 Event?


At this point no, you can complete the Level 1 Online Course Click Here and then attend the Live Level 2 Event. In the future, however we will roll out more live Level 1 events. So if you are completing the Level 2 Live Event and wish to become a Rapid Growth Level 1 Teacher then please let us know :)

Live Event payment cancellation policy

If you have made a payment for a live event then you have a 72 hours cooling off period, after 72 hours, the payment is non-refundable. You can move your attendance to a different a course or transfer your seat to a someone else.


Frequently Asked Questions Level 2 Live Event


What do I have to do to prepare for the Level 2 event?

Complete the Level 1 live or online course click here

How long is the Level 2 Live Event?


The Event is 5 days long from 9 am to 5/6pm each day. Please do not make any evening plans as class hours can sometimes go over time.


I saw that you have a Level 3 event From Soul To Purpose, can I attend it before Level 2?


No, Rapid Growth Level 1 & 2 Courses are prerequisites. 

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