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Adults Psychosomatic Healing Support 

Psychosomatic patterns related to medical conditions for adults.

Children's Psychosomatic Healing Support

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Psychosomatic patterns related to medical conditions for children.

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For adult guided session look for:


Emotional Healing Guided Session

For video support for children, look for:

Children Psychosomatic Video Support

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This book is like a bible! I was astonished by the detail and great content shared in this book. I found the emotional components related to each disease very accurate Evette’s explanation of Key Points under each disease and emotional components identifies which issues and blocks to focus on when approaching certain diseases. The Key Points are explained very well and are extremely helpful! As an alternative practitioner, you will find client sessions mapped out for you in the Key Points. This was most helpful as Evette recorded all the right questions to ask your client.
I particularly loved the first four chapters in the book where Evette explained the history and foundation of Metaphysical Anatomy. These chapters also provided information on their personal development seminars. Although this is high level information, it is easy to understand and most interesting.
Evette also explained how to become a better alternative practitioner. She shared great tips on how to improve your practitioner skills. As an alternative practitioner, I found this very helpful and insightful.
This book is a must-have for all holistic healthcare and well-being professionals! I am looking forward to working with this book for many years to come.


—  Ellen D, Australia

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