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Travel Check List

Let's get started ..

Make sure that you don't require a visa. In most cases, you buy your visa at the airport when you arrive in Bali.  Make sure you have at least $100 when you arrive to cover any visa costs and also airport transfers. Please ask Joko where are all the safe places to withdraw money from. Always withdraw money inside an official bank.
Passport and Drivers license (if you feel adventurous and want to hire a scooter :) Please note that no insurance will cover you if you are in a motorbike accident. All other accidents will be covered, other than a motorbike accident, whether you are the passenger or driver, it does not matter in this case. Just be mind of that please.
Please make sure you have travel insurance, Evette Rose and Metaphysical Anatomy are not responsible for any losses, accidents and injuries. Make sure you have read the legal and disclaimer at the bottom of the sign up page.
Bring comfortable clothing, as we will be doing yoga every morning that is in alignment with the psychosomatic blocks that we are resolving that day. We will help to open up the physical body to make the healing releasing process easier and faster.
Bring insect repellent, this is a tropical island, as well as sunscreen.
If you use medication, please make sure you have enough refills for the duration of your stay.
Bring sneakers or shoes that cover your feet and don't forget your sandals or flip-flops as some would call it. 
Bring your swimsuit, there is a wonderful pool and we will definitely be jumping and slashing in it!
Bring medication in case you get an upset stomach to avoid any discomfort. It's rare that people get it, however, let's be prepared so that you can get the most out of this experience!
Note pad and pen
Please email your emergency contact person and their phone number to
We all will meet at the reception area at 9 am on the 7th of April at the resort. You can leave your bags at reception and they will take care of your check-in.
Just bring your note pad, pen and water with you. Dress comfortably as we will be doing yoga that morning as well.
As always, you can email me if you have any further questions.
Much love
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