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I am so excited to start this journey with you!

Reveal the Woman Within Healing Package

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Embrace Your Journey of Self-Discovery with the "Reveal the Woman Within" Healing Package! 

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey towards self-discovery, empowerment, and healing? "Reveal the Woman Within" Healing Package - your passport to unlocking the incredible potential that lies within you. Embrace your Platinum Client Status and embark on a path of self-realization like never before.

✨ Platinum Client Status Perks: ✨

As a Platinum Client, you're entitled to an exclusive 10% discount on our life-changing "Reveal the Woman Within" Live Healing Retreat in the enchanting landscapes of Bali, Indonesia. This is your opportunity to bask in the beauty of Bali while undergoing profound personal growth.

🌺 Topics that can be covered during sessions:

Our sessions, conducted via Zoom, are designed to nurture your inner self and help you reconnect with the woman within you. You'll explore various facets of your being and gain invaluable insights into:

Rediscovering the Woman Within: Delve deep into your core to uncover the authentic you, hidden beneath layers of societal expectations.

Healing and Rebalancing your Boundaries: Learn to establish and maintain healthy boundaries, safeguarding your emotional and mental well-being.

Healing Your Identity as a Woman: Embrace your femininity and find strength in your unique identity as a woman.

Communication and Making Better Decisions: Enhance your communication skills and make empowered choices that align with your true self.

Heal Your Relationship with Yourself and Others: Forge deeper connections with both yourself and those around you, fostering fulfilling relationships.

The beauty of this healing package lies in its flexibility. We customize the sessions based on your individual needs, ensuring a tailored healing experience that resonates with you.

💰 Invest in Yourself: The "Reveal the Woman Within" Healing Package is available at a special price of $2125 USD, giving you the option of 30-minute sessions across 8 sessions or 1-hour sessions spanning 4 sessions. Remember, the investment you make in yourself today will yield a lifetime of self-love, growth, and empowerment.

🚨 Important Note: Please be aware that payments for the "Reveal the Woman Within" Healing Package are non-refundable, underlining our commitment to your journey and growth.

Unlock the extraordinary potential within you and embark on the path to self-discovery and healing with the "Reveal the Woman Within" Healing Package, conducted conveniently via Zoom.

Are you ready to take the first step toward a more empowered, confident, and authentic you?

How to get started:

Step 1. Book your appointment time below.

Step 2. You will then be directed to a payment page to secure your     booking. Unpaid bookings will be deleted after 3 hrs to keep booking slots open. 

Step 3. You will then be directed to a session sheet which you need to complete at least 12 hrs before your session with me to ensure that I am fully prepared for your session. If there is no form then your session will be refunded.
Evette Rose, is the author of 19 books, has taught in over 40 countries and has helped many people like you to go from a life not worth living to a life worth living. Her best-selling book Metaphysical Anatomy Volume 1 sold in over 80 countries (independent publisher), was written to support alternative practitioners as well as guide the general public to sharpen their skills, knowledge and self-help techniques! She is famously known for teaching, speaking, coaching and designing events amongst many other talents.

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