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Welcome new teacher! This is how you can get started!

Step 1


With your certificate, you will receive an email that has the teacher contract in it. Please review and sign the contract once you understand the terms and are ready to join. You have 1 month to sign the contract. Once the 1 month waiting period is over, you will need to redo the Level 1 Teacher Course.

Once you signed the contract, you will automatically receive the step to subscribe to your membership. Please note that you will not have access to the Level 1 Teacher Site or your affiliate program if you have not subscribed to the teacher monthly fee.


Step 2


Once you have completed above Step 1 our team will set up your subscription shortly and send you an email confirming your approval.  Once you receive the email approval, you will be able to subscribe as mentioned in Step 3. 


Step 3


You will then be able to log into MAT Membership. You will see on the right hand side "Subscription" please click on Subscription, make your first subscription payment, once you have done that, you will be granted full access to your Level 1 Teacher Site.

Screen Shot 2020-06-03 at 5.08.50 PM.png

Step 4

Once you started your subscription, you will have full access to your Level 1 Teacher Site and you will immediately receive instructions how to set up your affiliate program and also keep track of it!

Step 5

This is a very important step! Please check out your affiliate system and please add all students that you have taught Level 1 into the system.

Please click here for Affiliate instructions.


Step 6


In your MAT Teacher Site, you will see under the Resources folder at the top menu how to set up your Affiliate your system which is mandatory before you can schedule your first class, so that we can keep clear records of affiliates on both our ends.

Step 7

How to use your new site:

Step 8

Once you have started your membership, you will can be added to the Level 1 Teacher Whatsapp Support Group.


Step 9


Join live A & Q Webinars


Step 10

Have FUN!!!!

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