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Finding Your Own Voice is a must-read for people who have either experienced abuse or care about someone else who may be trapped in processing their childhood experiences. This book brings an empowering message of hope, healing and understanding to anyone who feels challenged by their past. Finding Your Own Voice is unique in its explanation of abuse trauma. Evette Rose shares her own difficult childhood experiences and offers her advice and hope. By sharing her own childhood experiences, Evette explains how she healed her trauma of physical, emotional and sexual abuse through a process of trial and error until she finally found what she was searching for.

This book will help people understand the actions of abusers and how you can become aware that abusers themselves might be trapped in a never ending abuse cycle. Readers will finally be equipped to recognize whether they had an abusive childhood or whether they are perhaps still in an abusive relationship.


Even individuals who have not experienced abuse will benefit from understanding the nature of trauma. Many therapists believe they know how to deal with abuse. However, many therapists mistakenly talk about abuse, reliving past experiences, trying to change beliefs, etc. which indicates that they understand little. The truth is that many people’s symptoms of abuse do not resolve, even after years of therapy. The trauma caused by abuse goes much, much deeper than what traditional counseling can process and resolve. And therefore, Evette has taken the subject of abuse trauma to a new level in Finding Your Own Voice.


Evette says:

Never should you feel alone again or think that your past is a deep dark secret. There are many people that have experienced abuse. The reason why we think these things only happen to us is because no one talks about it! I used my childhood abuse as the foundation of this book. In this book, I explained how abuse can control your life, identity and how it can suppress your gifts, qualities and personal power.


With Love,


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