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Emotional States

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Inner Transformation State

This is a process where specific traumas are being held in the KDE (Key Developmental Events) such as during your womb and birth stages. When these trauma points are healed, your natural inner transformation state is recovered ....

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Inner Balance


The name says it all. You will discover that you find your balance and coherent state much quicker after an argument or trauma. It gives you peace of mind and helps you to feel more comfortable within yourself..


Divorce & Break-Up: Starting Over (Free Online Healing Course)

Are you ready to heal and reclaim your quality of life and identity after a break-up? If the answer is YES then this course is for YOU!

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Ignite Your Self-Love (Online)
Coming Soon!

Loving people and loved ones in our life is always easier than loving ourselves! You can't fully love someone from a safe and authentic place if you can't give that love back to yourself. You will resolve blocks related to self-hatred and self-worth during this powerful seminar and learn to re-establish a powerful relationship with ..

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Why People Don't Heal & What to Do About It (Online)

Coming Soon!

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Beating Procrastination (Online)

Coming Soon!

Improving Your Skills As An Alternative Practitioner (Online)

Coming Soon!

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Healing From An Abusive Relationship (Online)

Coming Soon!

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Healing Your Self-Esteem as a Woman (Online)

Coming Soon!

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Understanding Healing & Anger (Online)

Coming Soon!

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Business Women: How to Survive a Male-Dominated Environment (Online)

Coming Soon!


Relationship Transformation (Online)

Coming Soon!

During this seminar you will either let go or rebuild your relationship with a loved one by releasing old self-sabotaging patterns and discover what it is that you truly want from your relationships. You will also discover your self-worth and emotional needs that may have been suppressed throughout the years .....


The Healing Circle (Free)

Metaphysical Anatomy invites all walks of life to network, extend a helping hand, support and offer healings to people who are in need of support, love and compassion. Everyone can network and share their wisdom, offer healings and share words of encouragement.

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Heal the Woman Within Facebook Page

This page is all about finding your authentic self, getting out of the box that was given to you and finally stepping into your power as a graceful, beautiful feminine woman!

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