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Discovery Session Consultations

Location: Worldwide... I am available on Skype or phone

My current time zone:

I am traveling at the moment.  Please email first regarding bookings.

Languages Spoken:  English, Afrikaans.  

What is a Discovery Session

What is a Discovery Session

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45 Minute Discovery Session

$150 USD

Explore causes of your blocks and challenges in life, whether personal or business.

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Victoria K
Moscow, Russia

It has been a very long and difficult few years. I have been through a very messy divorce, a miscarriage, lost the love of my life and my mom died after a year of terrible pain from cancer. All of this together in a short period of time made me exhausted and vulnerable. I lost my trust in people and in myself.  I began to hide behind my work. With all of my pain and lack of self-confidence, I started to feel like almost everything falls apart.


Even my relationship with my little girl started to become more distant and definitely colder.


I have always felt alone—not lonely, but as if I carried the weight of the world on my shoulders. All of the pain and misery around me was weighing me down. I had difficulty sleeping because of the panic attacks and my excruciating back pain. So I made the important decision to work on my issues and learn to trust the people I love.


I do not remember exactly what we worked through, but the next day after a session with Evette, I found myself making coffee and thinking about how I was surrounded by people who love me, who see me, and who have supported me all of these years. These are people who have stayed with me no matter what. I realized how lucky I am to be so loved and suddenly, I realized that I did not feel alone anymore.


Then came Personal Boundaries. Now whenever I feel people starting to push my boundaries, I just say it, calmly and with confidence. A simple “no” is usually enough. These last few weeks have been amazing with so many new and absolutely wonderful people coming into my life. I am absolutely thrilled with all of my changes. Even my seven-year-old daughter said she doesn’t recognize me anymore (this is a good thing!) and I feel so calm and at peace with myself.


Thanks to Evette and this beautiful technique, I feel like I’ve been given one more chance to be that difference I so wanted to see in my life!”

Elena K
Moscow, Russia

“We worked with the problem of intrinsic value, dignity and control over myself. The results of the session are stunning! I no longer cling to the toxic and the energy that has been released by giving up my excessive control over myself has allowed me to realize my creative project I’m free in expression of my feelings and emotions, including those that are negative. I no longer fear rejection but instead love and recognize myself. I confidently say “no” when I want to say “no” and feel very safe doing so.


The changes I feel inside can be seen on the outside, too. I have taken off the mask of “good girl” and those people who remain in my life accept me for who I am. New people come to the new me! My relationships are free from fear and manipulation and have become equal and fair.


I accept and love myself – such as I am – without judgment and estimates. I began to trust myself more than anyone else, to listen to my inner voice.


I have long wanted to work with Evette. Her enormous intuition and empathy allowed me to see and unhook the unconscious associations and allow me to heal the deep, painful injury of my childhood.


What she does is real magic. Whatever it is, it works! For several weeks after my session, my body was in a deep state of purging—rejecting everything that had poisoned me for years.


I thank this amazing woman for her enthusiasm, passion and the courage to experiment, search and find something that really helps people. For her work, her path, her Real Womanhood and love of people—thank you, Evette, from my heart!”

Almaty, Kazakhstan

“I was lucky to receive a session from Evette. I felt an immediate change in my state within just a few minutes of the start of the session. Before, I had felt depressed, heavy and many other negative emotions. Towards the end of the session, my condition completely changed into “the pink and fluffy”‘ state! It was amazing how quickly and gently this healing worked. The issue completely disappeared. A few days after the healing, my state kept improving. I feel that the transformation is still going on. Evette’s gentle and quick healing is fantastic. I know she put a lot of effort and energy into the session. She has a light and loving approach to her clients, which is healing in itself. I have given and received many sessions in different techniques and therapies, but never experienced anything like this before. I wish Evette every success in her great work helping people to heal and become more aware of self and also in developing her magic work.”

Moscow, Russia

I am experiencing a new and unusual state at this moment. It feels like I have just been born, and am beginning to explore who I am and the world around me for the first time. The most pleasant thing is that all the skills and knowledge from my “previous” life are still within me.


My awareness has increased in all areas of my life and I am suddenly interested in exploring life.  I used to not have this interest before.

Before my session with Evette, I made a list of all my fears and blocks. It feels strange to see this list now because it doesn’t look familiar anymore!


Previously, I had:

  • a fear of being rejected, which affected all my relationships;

  • a fear to act – I was content to stay in one place all of my life;

  • a fear to be good enough – I studied all my life, all the while thinking that I still was not good;

  • a fear to be a woman – I always associated being a woman with being weak; being a slave or helpless;

  • looked at the world with caution and was always ready to defend myself.

  • I had a very strange life – full of fears and grayness. Moreover I used to blame somebody else for causing my problems. Everyone else but me!

Now I see:

  • that my previous experiences and negative situations are lessons of my life. Now I can see what I’ve learned and what I have to do;

  • I’m no longer afraid to make plans for my life anymore;

  • I’m treating myself with more tenderness and acceptance;

  • I don’t feel like a stupid child anymore. I am a happy adult who enjoys the openness and innocence of a child;

  • I have a lot of softness and trust;

  • My relationship with my husband is getting better and better. I can see a Real man in him. I see his wisdom and power, and I see how I was suppressing him by not letting him express himself;

  • My words “I can do anything by myself” are not in 1st place for me anymore. And this is a very pleasant state – not like being a victim or surrendering – it’s just acceptance

  • I can appreciate communications with other women. I used to treat them like competitors;

  •  I can appreciate communications with men, understanding that they are different and now I’m interested in what they are thinking about or what they like;

  • I became more interested in my husband’s business. I have a desire to help and support him;


I can’t stop talking about the changes in my life after 3 sessions with Evette!

It’s amazing, how it’s possible to change the quality of one’s life in such a short period of time!

I have enormous gratitude to Evette and a great respect for what she is doing for people!”

G. Adams
Melbourne, Australia

“Evette helped me to realize some aspects of myself that I wasn’t aware of.  I had one session with Evette and felt completely safe and supported.  With Evette’s support and compassion, it was easy for me to accept the negative pattern that been with me my entire life. Evette is truly a wise, intuitive and compassionate guide. I would not hesitate in recommending her to anyone who needs healing or help with themselves. The monetary investment is well worth it! Thank You so much Evette.”

Taras N
Moscow, Russia

Letting Go Package – Healing from Divorce or Break-up

“When you don’t believe in miracles, but still hope on them—I was lucky and had a session with a miracle worker, Evette Rose. My personal drama involved losing my identity, because I had to leave my family. My partner betrayed me and left me with no identity as everything I knew about myself was based on our family unity. I felt like a big part of me had died and the part that was left was very alone. I felt deep loneliness, betrayal, depression and hopelessness. I lost hope in myself, in God and my life turned black. But a miracle happened to me, which was made possible with Evette. During a one and a half hour session, she healed me on a very deep level and I can still feel the results. Evette’s skills and experience are a talent from God, making it possible to achieve such results in such a short period of time. I can recommend Evette as a Healer, a Wonder-worker, and an Angel on our planet! And moreover she is very feminine and a very beautiful woman, both inside and out. If you are as lucky as I am and find an opportunity to have a session with Evette, you’ll let the miracle come into your life. I’m experiencing this miracle in my life right now!”

Ben Ralston
Yoga Teacher, Healer & Writer

Letting Go Package – Healing from Divorce or Break-up

“My session with Evette, during one of the most challenging times of my life (on the cusp of separation with my wife of 5 years and mother of my child), was completely life changing. It contributed greatly to a smooth transition from a lack of trust and respect, back to love. So that now – just a few months after separating – my ex wife and I are good friends. We have trust, respect, and love restored completely. I also noticed a great shift in awareness so that I am in a more or less permanent ‘peak state’ of consciousness. I cannot recommend Evette Rose’s individual healing work highly enough!”

Nicholas Hall, RPT, Qi Gong London

“Before my session with Evette, I had felt an underlying sense of low self-worth and motivation as well as some “old” sadness, which had always been in the background. I could not work out why I had these feelings nor explain them well.


The session was so gentle and easy for me. I did not have to spend a long time re-experiencing my old stuff and I felt a change straight away in the session.


Since then, results in my business have improved and I have a gentle sense of calm where there once was upset, sadness and fear. Old memories have melted away like the sun on snow.


I now have a significantly improved outlook on life and I am really grateful that I had the session with Evette. I can highly recommend her if you are looking to shed your old skin of deep upset and unwanted memories and regain your sense of inner majesty!”

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