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Metaphysical Anatomy Technique Level 1 O

The Difference Between Level 1 Rapid Growth Online Healing Technique & Level 2  Rapid Growth Practitioners Certification Course

During the Level 1 Online Course you will learn Evette’s latest research related trauma release methods by understanding how the body stores emotional trauma, pain and physical injuries.  You will learn why we don’t always fully heal from emotional blocks and ailments, as well as how and why they surface in our body. The body has its own language. Its purpose is to serve you so that you can fully serve your purpose in life. We disconnect from our body and fail to listen when it communicates to us that it’s lacking emotional and supplemental resources in order to support us during our daily life. Learn how ancestral predispositions can resurface in your life as a result of your environment and trauma. Ultimately you are an expression of your DNA lineage. That doesn’t mean that you have to suffer the consequences of ailments and psychological challenges that have been stored in your genetic make-up.  Once you understand the language of the body, you can greatly improve your quality of life and restore your relationship with the vessel that is meant to support you to reclaim and achieve your greatness! MAT Rapid Growth will awaken your intuition and show you how to take your power back, heal and reclaim your true authentic self. 

Level 1 Online Course


Level 2 Advanced Practitioners Certification course

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