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Weekly vibe of 21 - 27th October

Hi! Welcome to this weeks weekly vibes forecast!

This weeks vibe is very supportive of your logical mind and how its consciously starting to merge with your destiny. You will be divinely supported to grow and mature into an identity that is more in alignment with your path and what you want to create and establish in your life. You will also start to feel the value that you have and still are contributing to people’s lives. This vibe also opens up the energy for you to connect to your guides, and your inner voice. Also pay attention to your dreams and synchronicities if you feel challenged to connect to your intuition as this week you will receive a lot of planetary support to help you to find answers to questions that has been blocked in the past.

This is a good week to ask if in doubt or to resolve something that has been on your mind. Remember that emotions will come and go, so when you feel an uncomfortable rise in your emotions accept it and stop fighting it, you are human. It is important to process what you feel so that life can go on and these emotions don’t have to be triggered by future events again in order for them to be set free. If you processed your emotions from recent events then this week will just be divinely beautiful.

You will be feeling a lot more connected to your deepest desires in terms of your personal life and romance. This vibe supports a wonderful and deep connection with your loved one or people that you are close to.

Until next time, be the light that you are!

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