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Weekly vibe of 2 - 8th September

The first week of September you could see yourself reaping the benefits of projects that you started earlier in the year. The full benefit is not fully visible quite yet but you know that what you have created is on the roll and you might find yourself really happy with this movement! 

This week also brings a vibe where our planet might be calling us out on our identity, meaning who we think we are and how we see ourselves. Is who you project to be really truly how you want people to see you? Most importantly of all, is it how you want to see yourself? Are you happy with how you have grown, changed and transformed to this point in time? Are you happy with the values that you hold and express? Especially values relating to your mindset, spiritually and work values?  

Are you drawing your motivation and will power from healthy inner resources or do you for example need drama or unnecessary (in some cases self created stress and drama) in order to tap into your adrenaline and take action from a place of fight or flight? Now is the time to reassess. The way you have been going about your daily life will start to feel very very uncomfortable. It’s like wearing a suit that you have outgrown but you have to stubborn to take it off because like the color of the suit and how the suit used to make you feel in the past. Did you hear the emphasis on past? It’s in the past. You will breath so much easier when you start to see that you can indeed achieve what you want with ease and grace.

Just be mindful to not confuse ease and grace with being a little too relaxed either, find balance and then ease and grace will find you.

Until next time, be the light that you are.

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