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December Month Forecast 2019

Welcome to rapid growth monthly vibe for December 2019

Wow, what a year it has been! If you look at the year and feel happy with what you have achieved (setting aside the part of you that is always hard on yourself) and looking back a realistic view, then I hope you feel happy with what you see. If you don’t, then there is still good news, this month brings in a few lucky vibes for those of you who feel incomplete on the success front of your life, especially professionally speaking. But, I have not forgotten about personal relationships.

Professional goals will get a nice boost later in the month, however personal relationships will get a boost in the first week of December, there will be great vibe of compatibility and feeling that everyone is more or less on the same page. I say more or less as even just accomplishing that alone is an achievement in itself!

This month brings lack of focus and motivation, but stay on your goals and keep meeting your targets because like everything else in life, this is just a passing phase as well, the vibe from mid to the end of the month brings in such a surge of positive vibes for business and personal goals that you have. So if there are missed opportunities this vibe is going to re-ignite quite a few new key moments for you to have a second chance again, because what you start this month will have a wonderful ripple effect into the next 6 months of next year, so if you are feeling down and defeated, start energizing new ideas, goals and projects that you can tackle again and revisit past mistakes to see how you can do it differently this time.

This month is about action, so that also means taking action, as just dreaming and hoping this month will get you anywhere so if you are serious about restarting something or trying something new, be clear about what it is, set in clear structure and steps as the vibe this month is so powerful that whatever you start, will have a wonderful effect for the next 6 months to come. Especially if you start and fully initiate something in the last part of the month.

The only hurdle this month, more so mid month is to be mindful of your communication. Filter what you say with even more care as there is an over sensitive vibe coming in for a few days, so words will have more power and weight to them than normally, be gently and be kind during this phase as well.

Do join me for the weekly vibes as well where i will go into more detail each week!

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