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Mentorship and Webinar Q and A Replay Session 1

  1. How can I really make a difference in my life and those around me?
  2. How do we deal with Cancer patients in different stages?
  3. How do we develop more on our spiritual channel skills?
  4. How to deal with different types of diabetes.
  5. How to help teenagers with pain.
  6. How to improve the relationship with higher self and communication.
  7. Unable to find core strength after flu.
  8. What to do when you feel powerless in a situation?

Mentorship and Webinar Q and A Replay Session 2

  1. How did you realize you were connected to Spirit?
  2. How do you view the Higher Self?
  3. How to work with Human Principles and Guides
  4. Is healing with spirits created outside of us?
  5. Is there an art to connecting as a medium?
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