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Healing from Break-up

Re-emerging and rediscovering your path
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No matter how prepared you think you are for a break-up, when you finally rip off the Band-Aid and reality sets in, the emotional stress and shock can be overwhelming. In this book, we will go through constructive steps, explanations, and finding a deeper understanding for the root causes of your break-up, your pain, and, ultimately, getting your power back from the past and refocusing your goals on the future. What is of the utmost importance is for you to rediscover your life, your path, and your new future. Throughout this journey with me, we will explore why your relationship ended. Start your healing journey to heal humiliation, fear, anger, rejection, self-esteem, fear of being alone, healing grief, loss of trust and support, restoring your faith in your new identity, re-evaluating your values for love, boundaries, communications, self-love, and creating the relationship that you want. And, last but not least, you will learn how to reclaim your identity.

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BONUS Gift with the book

You will also receive complimentary access to healing meditations, affirmations and exercises to complete as you progress through the book to optimize your healing journey! 


What you will find in the book

Chapter 1

Reality versus Denial

What to expect

Chapter 2 

Why is it so hard to move on?

If your relationship was abusive

Moving on from an abusive relationship 

A bad relationship does not always equal a negative past.

Some people move on faster than others do 

Break the cycle of anger and establish healthy boundaries

Stay in the present moment

Coping mechanisms


Compromising to your detriment

Are you trying to change your partner?

Incompatibility as a result of negative associations

Chapter 3 

Denial, Shock, and Overcorrecting Past Mistakes

Grief and showing emotion mean that you have started the process of acceptance

Feeling humiliated and ashamed of your circumstances

Understanding the difference between acceptance and surrendering

Chapter 4 

Feeling anger / rejected / not good enough and potentially like a failure

Feeling like a failure

Feeling anger and rejected 

Overcorrecting past mistakes

Fear of being alone

The next step in your life starts with a decision 

Chapter 5 

The Story of your past relationship 

Chapter 6 

Grief, Guilt, Loss of Trust, and Support

Do you still feel you could have done more?

Was your relationship a lie?

Trust in a partner has been challenged 

What is your default state when you go through painful times?

Losing support and feeling too proud to be supported 

Resistance to allowing yourself to be supported 

When feelings of guilt are tied into the grieving process

Chapter 7 

Let’s explore why your relationship ended 

Values for love

Values for a relationship / partnership 

Values for communication 



Chapter 8 

Losing yourself in a relationship 

Why did you get married or step into a committed relationship?



Chapter 9 

Letting go of the fear of change

Chapter 10 

Letting go of your partner

Chapter 11


Chapter 12 

Understanding Forgiveness

What is forgiveness?

Fear of losing your identity

Chapter 13 

Steps to take to break the hibernating cycle

Chapter 14 

Healing Assessment

Divine timing - when to start dating again and how to attract the right partner

Chapter 15 

Steps to creating the relationship that you want

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