Welcome to Metaphysical Anatomy Healing from Divorce and Breakup Healing Course

Please take note before you start
Below you will find the Rebalance Meditation, Emotional Healing Guided Session as well your workbook for this online healing course. During the chapters you will be guided through exercises and healing meditations. In the chapters you will be informed when to use the Rebalance Meditation & Emotional Healing Guided Session. Go through the course at your own pace and play full out!
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Rebalance Meditation
Emotional Healing Guided Session

Part One


Part Two



Overcorrecting Past Mistakes

Resistance & humiliation

Acceptance versus Surrendering

Part Three

Anger, Rejection, Self-esteem, Feeling like a Failure and Fear of being Alone
Healing Meditation

Part Four

The story of the relationship

Part Five

Grief, Guilt, Loss of Trust and Support
Healing Meditation

Part Six

Why did it happen?
Values for love
Values for a relationship
Values for communication

Part Seven

Identity of the relationship
Foundation of the relationship 

Part Eight

Letting Go and Fear of Change
Healing Meditation

Part Nine

Letting go of your ex-partner
Healing Meditation

Part Ten

Self-esteem and Self-love
Healing Meditation

Part Eleven

Forgiveness is a Process​

Part Twelve

Breaking the Hibernating Cycle

Part Thirteen

Healing Assessment

Part Fourteen

Steps to Create The Relationship You Want
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