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Why TRAUMA Becomes Stuck in the Body
FREE Webinar Replay

The replay is available for 24 hours only!
(Until May 16, 2023, at 12 PM GMT+8)

Do you struggle with:

✅Your intuition feels blocked?
✅You can't feel your emotions, or you feel them too strongly.
✅You can't break unhealthy patterns in your life?
✅No matter what you do or change, NOTHING changes in your life.
✅Are you always sabotaging your relationships, abundance, and health?
✅You struggle to let go of unhealthy people and circumstances.
✅You do things even though you know it’s bad for you!
✅You feel like your past is following you into every area of your life?
✅You struggle with pain emotionally or physically?

💖I invite you to join the MAT Level 1 Trauma Release Technique workshop, where you will learn a powerful technique for releasing trauma and improving your well-being. Sign up for the MAT Level 1 trauma release technique workshop today, and start your journey towards healing and transformation.

Receive 10% off of the registration fee if you sign up today!
Hurry, this discount will expire May 16 at 12 PM GMT+8

✨Additional BONUS: 40% Discount on any of our self-paced courses if you register for MAT Level 1

MAT, or the Metaphysical Anatomy Technique, is a cutting-edge method for releasing trauma and emotional stress from the body. It uses a combination of gentle touch and guided visualization to activate the body's natural healing response and release stored trauma and stress.

This technique is based on years of research and also the research behind Metaphysical Anatomy Volume 1,2, and 3. Find out more about my books at  🌺

This course is also accredited by the International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM) & Complementary Therapists Accredited Association (CTAA).
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