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Dear Gabor Maté


My name is Evette Rose, I am an author of 19 books focused on personal development and trauma. I have been practicing for 15 years and taught in over 40 countries.


I am best known for my best-selling book Metaphysical Anatomy Volume 1 covering 679 medical ailments and psychosomatic stress for adults,  sold in over 80 countries (independent publisher), was written to support health practitioners as well as guide the general public to sharpen their skills, knowledge and understanding of psychosomatic stress in the body.


I also wrote a book called Psychosomatics of Children Volume 3, which focuses on 300+ ailments for children's psychosomatics, development trauma and how our ancestry and womb stress affects a child's development.

I would be tremendously honored if you could write the foreword for both these books. This is my life's work and it took me over 12 years to write Volume 1. I published Volume 3 last year.


I made a personal meet and greet as well as invitation video for you below to meet me and hear my brief story in relation to these books - it's only 4 minutes in duration.

My other books are focused on humor to support people who feel ashamed to learn more about mental health problems and trauma. This has been a valuable resource for this type of audience as people are now receiving the support and education they need, whereas in the past they might have shied away from it. I learned it's easier for people to digest tough topics through laughter and light message of healing.

A little more about me if you wish to research and review my presence in the industry.




Metaphysical Anatomy Volume 1, amazon sales page:

Psychosomatics of Children Volume 3, amazon sales page: 

Warm regards,

Evette Rose

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