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This Online Healing Course is absolutely FREE! Are you ready to HEAL?

After having gone through my own divorce and helped thousands of people shifting from emotionally surviving throughout their divorce or break-up to thriving! I am excited to share my experiences, insights, exercises and healing meditations to help you create a brand new life that will be nothing short of emotional freedom, self-love and rediscovering yourself after a challenging time!

During this 14 Video Chapter Online Healing Course you will:

  • My experience with divorce and what I learned

  • Understanding why your relationship started and ended

  • Healing denial, shock and overcorrecting past mistakes

  • Healing humiliation and feeling like a failure

  • Acceptance versus surrendering

  • Fear of change

  • Healing anger, rejection and self-esteem

  • Healing fear of being alone

  • Healing grief, guilt and loss of trust and support

  • Restoring your faith in your life journey

  • Re-establishing your values for love 

  • Re-establishing your values for communication

  • Re-establishing your values for your boundaries

  • Re-establishing your values for a relationship

  • Re-establishing your values for self-love

  • Losing yourself in a relationship and reclaiming your identity again 

  • Letting go of your partner

  • The definition of forgiveness within a failed relationship

  • Breaking your self-sabotaging and hibernating cycle

  • When to start dating again

  • How to create the relationship that you want

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